German Maestro MT 40

German Maestro
Высокочастотная акустика German Maestro MT 40

Производство Германия

UltraSphere™ technology for extraordinary wide sound irradiation
Nano-ceramic coating on the tweeter dome for minimizing reflections at high frequencies
FEM calculated tweeter dome geometry for best possible force transmission from the voice coil to the tweeter dome
High power neodymium magnet system for best efficiency
0,75mm² connection cable for a lossless connection
The MT 40 WS with UltraSphere™ technology is a very high-resolution tweeter and one important component of the M-Line.
Thanks to the special geometry of the inverted, pure titanium dome, the MT 40 WS has a very wide sound irradiation which helps to have an amazing sound stage in the car with no lack of acoustical information, even if the listening position is out of the axis of the tweeter, which can happen at some car installations.
A high power neodymium magnet system grants best efficiency and uncompromising performance. Extra thick connection wires ensure that there will be no loss of the signal.
In addition, a nano-ceramic coating on the tweeter dome eliminates even smallest reflections within the dome and helps to get a very sharp and detailed sound resolution without any distortion.

Тип динамика: Высокочастотные динамики

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